Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Solo Piano Pt 2 - walking bass

Here is another video of how one can approach playing solo jazz piano. Playing with a walking bass line. Although not predominant in the legacy, it can be effective. I usually include a walking bass line piece when I perform a solo concert. Dave McKenna and Lennie Tristano were both masters at this.
The challenge for the pianist, is to find the notes ‘between’ the chord changes.
A tune like “The Touch of your Lips” has for the most part two chords per bar (which land on beats 1 and 3). So what do we play on beats 2 and 4 in our left hand?
The quickest solution is to find the dominant (or the V) of your destination note. For example, if your destination note is D (d minor), then the dominant of D is A (A7). Substitutions for A7 such as the tritone, in this case Eb, or C# diminished will also be effective (more on diminished substitutions in a later blog).

In this video I am paying tribute to Lennie, improvising on the changes of 'The Touch of Your Lips' or as I call this piece 'A Crutch for your Hips'

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  1. Great Jeff! And thanks for introducing me to Tristano's music in our lessons years ago. He was such an unbelievable melodicist it's no wonder so many musicians (not just pianists) cite him as someone who's music bears continued study. Welcome to the blogosphere Jeff, I look forward to your posts in the future.